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d to comfort her. He laid his hand on her white knuckles. “I would g

ive anything,” said he—— She loosened her clasp,

thus eluding his touch, and moved a l

Etiam posuere augue

ittle aside. Madame Chauvet appeared from the kitchen passage, bearing a

steaming cup. “Ma pauvre petite,” she said, “I

have brought you a cup of camomile tea. Dr

Fusce ultrices fringilla

ink it. It calms the nerves.” Martin rose and the good lady took his

seat and discoursed picturesquely upon her mother’

s last illness, death and funeral, u

Nulla luctus eleifend

ntil Félise, notwithstanding the calming properties of the camomi

le tea, burst into tears and fled to her room. “Po

or little girl,” said Madame Chauvet, s


ympathetically. “I cried just like that. I remember it as if it were yesterday.” The next day Bigourdin returned. He walked about expanding his chest with great draughts of air like the good provincial who had suffocated in the capital. He railed at the atmosphere, the fever, the cold-heartedness of Paris. “One is much better here,” said he. “And we have made much further progress in civilisation. Even the H?tel de la Dordogne has not yet a bathroom.” He was closeted long with Félise, and afterwards came to Martin, great wrinkles of perturbation marking his forehead. “She has been asking me questions which it has taken all my tact and diplomacy

to answer. Mon Dieu, que j’ai


  • menti! But I have convinced her that all we have done with regard to her mother has been right. I will tell you what I have said.” ?/p>

  • 癥ou had better not,” replied Martin, anxious to have no more embarrassing confidences; “the less I know, the simpler it is for me t

  • o plead ignorance when Félise questions me—not to say the more truthful.” “You are right,” said Bigourdin. “Magna est veritas e

  • t pr?valebit.” And as Martin, not catching the phrase as pronounced in continental fashion, looked puzzled, he repeated it. “It’s L

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